Project 13 Piera Campo Disclosing

Agrumeti odorosi di giardini del sud.
L’aroma amara e pungente, come pianta rampicante insinuarsi tra i muri.
Arcobaleno di sfumature giallastre.
Io tra I colori, diventare di sole e di vento.


Poetry, like art, does not need any translation at all.
This is the reason why I decided to leave the text of this installation in its original version, as it was conceived to begin with.

“Disclosing” is a lemon grove which expands as it branches out.. It’s a game of perspective, of transforming elements.

Like on a merry-go-round, the beholder is taken to that garden of sweet scents, where the yellow lemons are one with the heat of the sun.

One more tribute to the South, to my land. The land of Sicily, mystery and revelation at once.

“you do not choose your land. it’s your land that chooses you.”
(Fabrizio de Andrč, songwriter.)

Piera Campo

De installatie is dag en nacht zichtbaar door de grote ramen.